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Brought to you by: MidAtlantic Services LLC
Hello and welcome to the MidAtlantic Bullets e-commerce site

Check Out Our Pricing!!!!

***Custom Match Grade Cast Bullets at Affordable Prices***

Orders processed today ship usually in 3-4 business days.  3/22/18

 9MM 122 grain TCFP CUSTOM MATCH GRADE (custom mould)
                                       38 SUPER 122 grain TCFP
CUSTOM MATCH GRADE (custom mould)
45 Caliber 200 grain PRECISION WadCutter . ONLY available here!   (custom mould)
44 Caliber 225 grain RNFP.  mid grain weight, accurate, minimal recoil.
                                       200 grain 45 caliber Flat POINT (pistol shooters dream!)
QUANTITY ORDERS: Use the CONTACT US page to request quantity pricing ANYTIME on orders of 3000+ bullets.... We will provide you a personalized coupon code that can be used within a week to apply the discount to your shopping cart. 
Try our SITE MAP located at the bottom of each page -- It shows all calibers and all bullets on ONE PAGE
 SHIPPING RATES  -- medium boxes (up to 58 lbs.) now costs $13.60, small boxes (up to 5 lbs.) cost $5.15, and includes insurance and delivery confirmation. We make sure you get your bullets with no shipping Hassel -- read about delivery assurance in our shipping policy.
Our company was started to manufacture extremely high quality hard cast bullets and thereby serve the growing needs of pistol and rifle handloading enthusiasts, shooting clubs and reloading companies. We offer online retail sales. We accept most major credit cards, mailed checks and money orders.If you are interested in our wholesale pricing you may use the CONTACT page to drop us a note.
Our founders have been heavily involved in the shooting sports for many years. In fact, the company has been around for quite some time creating custom bullets for benchrest shooters in limited quantities and to very tight custom specifications. If you haven't heard about our precision bullets opertation, I am not surprised. We have only produced small quantities of very high quality jacketed products and the prices reflect the quality and accuracy results achieved.  
Enter precision hard cast tips.  Up until the last few years, we were able to hand cast all our bullets. The combination of quality and price just could not be beat. Alas, to put it simply, we are now shooting and supplying customers with far more cast pistol bullets than we can accurately hand cast.
Today the Internet is where most people go to buy cast bullets. Good cast bullets can be accurate, they cost half the price of copper jacketed bullets and don't wear out pistol and rifle barrels. BUT...We are very disappointed in the quality of hard cast lead bullets available over the internet. As a customer of these stores, we often find that they are distributors and not real manufacturers. Further, the quality is very poor and often looks like some guy who is casting using a 6 bullet hand mold, out of the bed of his pickup truck. Lastly, the sellers call us the day after our order is placed and say it will be a month before they get our order filled.
We are looking for only the highest quality machine cast bullets and consistency and we are sure you are too!
And we want the order on its way in the next couple of  business days.... 
Our decision was simple. We took our hand casting know how and pulled corporate assets to buy a handful of automatic casting machines and automatic bullet sizing machines. We started casting excellent bullets of the highest quality we have ever produced.
Take a look at our bullets, unlike others we show you clear and crisp high resolution images of our bullets that exhibit excellent casting edges and beautiful and flat bottoms (bevels bases make for ease in loading). They are precise, they are round, they have very few defects and they are sized and lubed with an ultra hard synthetic duralubricant so they can be shot at high end speeds without barrel leading.
We cast only using 2-6-92 hard casting alloy (BHN 17) we obtain from a nationally known solder foundry (you can buy casting alloy here too!). We offer you high quality and friendly accountable service. 

Today's Specials

40 10MM caliber 155 grain Semi-Wadcutter - 500 count MATCH GRADE
Price: $38.19
40 10MM caliber 155 grain Semi-Wadcutter - 500 count MATCH GRADE
A pistol shooters dream. This is the classic SWC design that works flawlessly in pistol actions.Push this hard lead round to 1100-1400 fps with no barrel leading. Shooting quality lead bullets greatly extends barrel life
40 caliber 10MM 180 grain Truncated Cone Flat Point - 500 count MATCH GRADE
Price: $47.48
40 caliber 10MM 180 grain Truncated Cone Flat Point - 500 count MATCH GRADE
10MM Pistol shooters with S&W and some Sig pistols that experience feeding problems will really appreciate this bullet. Very feed relliable and very accurate!!!!
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